Saturday, September 13, 2014


VVK in Nadwan started on Aug 15' 2014.  Any chances of the centre being able to live up to its potential is based on transferring ownership to the users of the space.....young Musahar boys and girls.

On September 12 2014, CSEI team from Patna visited Nadwan VVK. With one month of experience of running the VVK already in our pockets, it was time to make our learning concrete and chalk out a plan for the future. From Nadwan, field staff and students who are regulars to the VVK participated in the discussion. 

One may ask what is VVK?

Vyaktitv Vikas Kendra (Personality Development Centre) The heart of the discussion was around defining what is "vyaktitv/personality" in all its dimensions.  We went around the circle and talked about what the word "personality" signifies for each one of us. VVK is a place where children can explore and evolve different aspects of their personality. We don't want this center to be just another coaching center. VVK is children's very own space where they experience freedom and ownership.

Abha (Mentor Educator at VVK) - "Clarifying the concept of VVK" and sketching out VVK's road map with children was the most critical part of today's visit.

Swati - Young people starting to read newspaper on their own initiative, using globe to locate USA were indicators of children beginning to take learning in their own hands.

Agyat - All of them have an opinion and an idea....we need to remember that!  Satya - As facilitators we have to always remember to include them (the students) in every decision about how the VVK evolves.

TISS Interns 
Padma - I realized one thing that if we get a chance to take decisions for our selves, it would always be better. And that I could see in everyone’s eyes.  Though I knew about democracy, inclusion, freedom and liberty, I was not clear about exactly how one goes about implementing them. I could not give my best when I was asked what is VVK? My response was 'capacity building' and only later I realized that the term 'capacity building' means someone else has to be brought from outside to do that. I also realized that it undermines the fact that all of the children have an inherent capacity! This meeting was a very good learning for me.

Sushant - The children realize and feel that the person facilitating them really wants them to become role models for the center and for their community. It will help them take ownership and responsibility of the center. I realized that each one of us has a unique ability to do something different with our lives. If each one of them realizes this power of, they would never give up and try to achieve whatever he/she wants to achieve in life.

Jamshed -One important point which I noticed here was that everyone is equal here. No one shall be discriminated by anyone in this V.V.K. which is good, and this way we can establish equity among them. Some of the children were very much enthusiastic about the V.V.K and were ready to take the responsibility to run this centre in future if C.S.E.I. takes a back-step.

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