Saturday, December 7, 2013

1st December Field Visit

Purpose of the visit:

1.    Conduct 45 minutes session on Right to Education
2.    Orientation of Shiksha Samman Diwas
3.    Meeting and decision for Shiksha Samman Diwas
4.    Conversation with community and parents

Gosaimath: Anita, Sanjay, Shailendra, Jitu, Ramanti, Saurav. Shailendra’s parents.
It was informed to all fellows that the session will be happening in Gosaimath from 12:00 to 2:00 PM Gosaimath fellows were present at Learning Center. I individually called fellows and they gave me different reasons to be late. We waited for them and began session at 1:15 PM when got to know that others are not coming. 

Entry point:
 We began with sharing the experience of doing play session in schools. And there was lot of discussion about it the high points are as follows
1.    School do not support to do play session in school
2.    Children from other casts troubled our fellows during play session
3.    Teacher got drunk and created a scene while saying 3 children had become a teacher in tola and started this center.
With sharing I thought it’s important to do RtE session with at least this group because there were many issues rising up. 
The session started with sharing Power point presentation (file attached). In the beginning of presentation I asked them few question and review of previous RtE session conducted by Satya.

Then I asked them, ‘What are your problems or challenges at school?’ and asked them to jot down in their notebook and I wrote on the board. This activity helped a lot to lead another question which was, What could be solution for that? Can you suggest? And then I wrote on board Problems on one side and Solutions on another side and the responses were:

Solution/suggestion by fellows
No enough water and Water pump is not working  (Chapakal)
Ask teacher for solution or Ask parents and community to talk to teacher to set a new pump 
Mid day meal- Many complains about food and Musahar children sits separately to eat!
Concern Teachers and ask for clean good food or ask parents to visit school during and talk to cook and teacher
Play session in school                  
Do play session with concerning Teacher and ask CSEI staff to meet teacher
Power (Electricity) arrangement at Learning Center
Solar bulb- talks to community and parents to contribute to set a solar power at center for evening study.

After that we shared many more possibility with overlooking in RtE Act handout. I distributed 5 handouts to fellows and asked them to read the important features of Right to Education Act.
Then fellows began discussions about how they can proceed and talk about the issues with the help of information. Also parent’s participation was a plus point in this session. Shailendra’s father and Mother who is a part of VSS in school. Fellows requested and explained parents that how they can support their children to attain their needs at school.
After that we had a detailed discussion about Shiksha Smman Diwas planning and preparation. As it was discussed with Pankaj in meeting at CSEI office, I gave them brief idea and drawn a picture on the board (picture attached below)
1.    Identify the children whom we want to honor? Why those children? No of children
2.    Write/ record the story of the children
3.    Identify the location to organize an event
4.    Invite to children from 6 tola’s, parents, teachers, tola Sevak, representative. Member from CSEI,Etc
5.    Stage and sitting arrangement,- logistics
6.    Design an event- opening ceremony, cultural progarmme, speeches, honoring ceremony, prize and certification distribution and closing ceremony.
7.    The date of the event tentatively 21st December
8.    Volunteer team and assign tasks in between

So overall idea about how to organize an event and they came up with many ideas of organizing it by themselves.
This was very interesting conversation with Sanjay on his bicycle on way back from Gosaimath.
He shared that there are many ladies comes to Learning Center when we teach children and they asked if fellows can teach one hour to those group of women from same tola. And fellows actually started teaching women’s basic reading writing skills.
1.    The big challenge is travelling. Like every time I took train from Patna station to Nadwa and from Nadwa I had to wait more than 30 min to wait for auto get loaded (as always) I was sitting in the auto which was overloaded as always  rickshaw drivers drive with overloading passengers and today it got overturned and I was thrown out of rickshaw.
Luckily it did not hurt me more. I got little scratches on my knees but I am okay now. But I honestly say, this is a big risk I am taking to travel like this in the field. I request and would like to ask all to suggest more options and possibilities for travelling in the field. And I can suggest it will be great if someone can accompany for the field. 
2.    I had mention in the beginning that I was waiting for the fellows to join from 12:30to 1:30 PM and that’s how I started session late and finished late. I and Saurav left from Gosaimath at 4:30 at that time it started getting dark. We missed last auto then Sanjay and Shaildra came to drop us till tetari and again I missed the train at 5PM. So I had to come by Auto rickshaw till Patna station which took another 1:30 minutes and I reached home by 7:45 PM.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Field Visit and Updates 21st November- 2013

On 20th Saurav came to office. He did reporting, planning for the next week and accounting. (Word file attached) we made estimate budget for Learning Center material which came around 8300 rupees. We have given 5600 to Saurav to get dari and black board. I got 2600 for stationary and rest material.

Today I went to get stationary in the morning and left for field at 10:30 from market itself. I hired an auto because I had big boxes and chart papers with me and I had plan to pick Saurav with Board and Dari from Nadwa on the way.  I met Saurava and Kamlesh at Nadwa at 12 and on the way Jitendra and Pawan joined us. We left for Rohilachak and distributed material and spent 1 hour conversation with fellows and community.

Later went to Gosaimath and distributed all material to Gosaimath Learning center. Gosaimath center needs a solar as it’s a dark room and children can’t sit for study at night.  

Kamlesh were asking for help if someone from office can visit and talk to his coaching teacher as he says large amount of money (1300 rupees per month) for his coaching course. When I asked other fellows they said he is doing CRESS course. They were trying to explain me.

I spoke to Mamta and her mother was asking when can Mamta join Hostel. At the moment I called Sohan from Nari Gunjan and he asked Mamta to join from Monday. But they cannot take Nitu as she has to sit in class 1st for one year and during interview she seems not interested in studies. At same time, Jitendra asked for his sister’s admission for hostel for higher studies, she is 8th std pass out.

Can we think about supporting girl’s education as many parents are ready to send their daughters to school and hostel?  

18th October 2013 Field visit

Clay Fellows: Rakesh, Munna, Kamlesh, Anita, Shailender, Sanjay, Jitendra, Gudiya
Youth: Manoj, Pawan
CSEI Staff: Archana, Saurav
Duration: 09:30 AM to 03:00 PM
Today all fellows came to Gosaimath for the meeting. In the beginning we had a brief sharing of play sessions experiences.  
Some of sharings -
1.    Shailender- I did play session everyday and it was different this time because children were leading games.
2.    Sanjay- we conducted play session everyday but little late and children enjoyed it every day.
3.    Rakesh- We could not do play session everyday but we conducted one in a two days. But reason behind it is some of our team member were not coming and were sad because their names are still in pending list in fellowship so we had low energy in our team. 
After sharing all fellow’s played math game with the help of number sticks. I conducted math game with an example.
Number sticks math game- clay fellow’s engaged in doing an activity.
After this games Rakesh explain how they can create the similar kit with the help of waste material like broom sticks and wooden piece.  Also they shared how they can use this one game to teach various concepts in maths like- Addition, substraction, tens, ones and counting  etc.

At 12:30 PM we went to talk to Gudiya’s parents. Gudiya was at home when we reached but she wasn’t willing to come out or talk to other fellows. When I asked she said, ‘I don’t want to go to school, I can’t study.’ And her mother was not ready to send her out of her town. When I asked Gudiya if she can do play session in her tola itself. Her response was, ‘they don’t send their children to me.  All my community is against of me going to school or out for play session or meeting. And my parents don’t allow me to do so.
Then all discussed and decided to visit schools today and talk to principles to get permission to do play session in schools on 7th period.  Also get contacts of SMC members in the school.  All fellows and I went to each tola on bicycle. 
According to the plan, on the way we went to Masodi School which was closed. So we moved to   Gosaimath Secondary school. We met Mr. Ompraksh who gave permission to do play session in school and given a contact list of SMC members.
Mr. Omprakash said that if we get a permission letter from Block officer for the Learning Center in Gosaimath near water pump (the location decided by team on 22nd Sept.) then we can start using the area for LC.
Then we went to Gosaimath Primary school. we met principal Mr. Satyendra Kumar, who was very kind and very welcoming to anything we want to do in their school. He gave permission to do play session in schools also got SMC list from him.  Similarly other fellows conducted play session on the ground. After meeting everyone joined circle and played new games.

Play session in Primary School in Gosaimath

More new games conducted by facilitator-  

We went to Rohilachak Primary school and met Principal Mrs. Anita Kumari. We can do play session in the school on Monday, wed and Friday from 2:30 onwards. And the in charge will be Kamlesha and Munna for the same.  Also got list of SMC members and teachers, principal is willing to help in any ways.

Detailed plan -
All fellows will do play session in own tola everyday. (except from Punaichak and Anjani)
1.    Every Tuesday 2 fellows from Rohilachak- Munna and Rakesh and 2 from Gosaimath will conduct a play session in Punaichak
2.    All fellows will do play session in schools 3 times in a week
3.    Everyone will try to make a game kit or number stick to do math activity.  
4.    everyone will take responsibility to create own birth certificate with help of Rakjesh and Saurav
5.    Saurav will go to field every day. First have to go to Rohilachak then other.
6.    Saurav will go to other two schools and get permission for Play session in school.

Today’s all pictures taken by Anita Kumari

Documentation- Archana

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

BASF Youth attended 8th International Youth Peace Festival held in Chandigarh, India

8th International Youth Peace Festival is being organized in Chandigarh from September 27 to October 2' 2013 that will see youth participation from around 35 countries.

The event is being organized by Yuvasatta an NGO working to steer young people towards implementing Gandhian Ideals of Constructive Progamme based on voluntary effort and individual and community action.

CSEI believes that any conversation about peace is incomplete unless it considers inclusion and equity in a society and intends to push boundaries of such conversations to consider preventive ways of Peace to exist by working for a equitable society. As such participation of Dalit voices is a must so that people participating can expand the understanding of peace and the challenges we face.

Bihar Ambedkar Youth Forum supported by CSEI is a youth lead collective of Dalit youth focused on education and rights of youth. A delegation of 11 Dalit youth from 5 districts of Bihar participated in this event.

The youth have been through a leadership training conducted by an international organization Play for Peace and are also trained in Play for Peace process. They participated in this event to share Dalit perspective on Peace and shared how Inclusion and Equity is essential ingredient of Peace.

Review Meeting for CLAY Peer Educator Fellowship

All the volunteers were asked to share their experience based on plan from last meeting,

He called children to play and also taught them as scheduled.
Initially they was hesitation but after 2-3 days now children themselves ask when he is going to take session
All children are willing to go to school but they said they are asked to sit in different rooms that are not in good condition. Sanjay asked them to go nevertheless and said if you go regularly teachers will treat you well.
We told him to follow up at school and not just ask children to go to school.
Ranjana, Ramanti and Nitu have joined school after making the commitment when they attended the training.
He is teaching them numbers and alphabets in Hindi. He also asked them their parents name to help them learn language
To a question about how it has helped him, he said he is now occupied and constantly thinking about what to do with children. This is increasing his ability to reflect.

Talked at length about the death of a 4 year child in their community from an illness, he shared how  his treatment was done from a quack and despite their suggestions parents only took the child to hospital when he was critical and child succumbed finally. Because of it they were not able to conduct session 2-3 days.
A girl's parent came and abused them verbally for the games they were conducting. They tried explaining but they didn't listen. Some other children also went away.
Next day they talked to some parents and they agreed to let children come for study.
He also shared about his wife, who gets abused by her mother and he tries to stop her from doing it.
He was very upset about child's death and said he will make sure it doesn't happen in next generation.
He also mentioned that a young girl who had attended the training(Basanti) did conduct a play session after child's death but she was stopped by a old lady.

He shared that he had to do some of his brother's work as he is gone to attend Peace Festival in Chandigarh
Conducted 2-3 play session
20-25 children come to play, when they teach there are more children
People in the community blame them for spoiling children/ some parent are abusive and curse them
He still took 10 children to a different place to play and within short time all other children also joined.
Satya asked him to read his report, when he was reading he mentioned that there are changes in children. When we asked him what difference he has seen in children he mnetioned “Veer Kumar' who use to abuse everyone verbally and also get into fight when they started Play for Peace but now the child has stopped abusing after 10-15 days and is fully participating.

Gudia – She was not willing to say anything, but mentioned that when she went back she was beaten and that is why she was not able to do any session

Did not do anything in community, but at home she played with 8 children
She is not able to do sessions in the morning due to house work.

Shared how he was beaten by his drunk uncle when he was conducting a session
Uncle also abused him even when he was teaching
When he complained his father and uncle had a fight
Next day when his uncle was sober he apologized and father asked him to not repeat it.
One day while playing a small child got bruised and he spent his own money to get his treatment
He mentioned his brother who takes tuition and also plays card with children and shared that he confronted him and now he has reformed to some extend
He was not able to conduct session on 2-3 days as he had to go to Bihita as someone in family was very ill.

Rakesh – joined us today only. He had quit school  in 9th grade as mother did not have money when sckool asked him to pay 200 rs for exam.
He had to go with his father to work in Sonipat
He came back from their after some disturbance. He has studied till 9th and will like to continue.

His brother does not go to school, when we asked him age of his brother, he responded by saying that brother reaches till his neck.

School visit and conversation with Teachers

30th September 2013

Today Saurav-our cluster coordinator visited 6 schools with the lists of children not enroll in schools from six tola's on 28th September.

On 30th Moring at 8 AM Saurav went to visit school and give the list of children not enroll and talk to teachers and principle. And get help from Peer educators in the field.
Saurav reached at Gosaimath at 9 am. Saurav got a list from Sanjay. Checked the list and 3 of them, Saurav, Sanjay and Kamlesh moved to school. At the school Principle was not available who has key of office which has a file and details of SMC members. Informed by lady teacher school will be closed from Saturday itself because of local festival.

Rohilachak-Saurav went to Rohilachak and met Kamlesha and Munna. Because of five years old kid died they could not do play session or talk to anyone and when Saurav went to Govindpur school, Anjani. there they met cluster coordinator Mr. Rajak. And he informed that there will be meeting on Sunday with all school Principles around the cluster. Quoted by Saurav, “ Rajak ji ne kaha  ki ve sabhi ko namankan ke liye hum apne taraf se sabhi ka namankan kara denge.” (Mr. Rajak promised that he will take responsibility to enroll children in schools.  

Saurav made a list of children not enroll in school and hand over to Rajak sir.
Then he left for Anjani and went to Primary school there he met school principle. Principle told Saurav that he had enroll children name but children are not ready come to school. He also mentioned that he goes for visiting tola in gap of two days.
Then he went to Sevati in secondary school there he met principle. Principle said we have the names of children in school but they do not come. He said to Saurva, “Kya aap bacche school me roj lane ki jimmedari laoge?” (Are you willing to drop children to school every?)

Sunday, September 15, 2013


What is one thing that you will change in your life or around you?
Even a question can be liberating, it can set you free by offering you a landscape you don’t see for yourself. So when Satya asked the participants one thing they will like to change, it wasn’t merely a question. He opened a door for them. None of them may have ever imagined they are in control of their life. The question became an answer for them, ‘oh! I can change’. As you read them below you will see that their response was not clouded by their immediate realities… helped them see possibility and move away from problem. If that is not liberating, what is? 

‘Change’ Dream
Participant Name
I will work on education in and outside the village
N will get educated and educate others as well.
Sanjay, Ashok, Kamlesh, Jitendra, Sailender, Munna
I will not let anybody get married at an early age in my village.
I will not do bonded labour and will not let it happen.
I will stop Immolation (Killing animals in religious rituals) in my village.
Upendra, Jamui
I will work in providing IAY and electricity in anjani village
Niranjan(Cluster Coordinator)
I will arrange resources for education and study further.
I will not let any child dropout from school in my village.
Ranjeet(BASF Begusarai)
I will continue my studies nest 6 years till I pass B.A.
I will do KsM in my village.
I will go to hostel and study further.
I will complete my studies till B.A.
Kajal, Pooja
There is a great need of education and health facilities in my village. I will work on it.
I want to study further but my parents are against it.
I will study till B.A.
I will not follow superstitions related to my community (Musahar). I will also help youth of my community to make pressure on government officials for their rights.
Saurabh(Cluster Coordinator)
I will motivate youth towards education through BASF and will work for betterment of the society.
Amarjeet(BASF Rohtas)
I will put efforts and help in the best possible manner to facilitate realizing the resolutions made today by participants
Satyendra (Satya)(CSEI)
I will motivate girls towards education and will convince their parents.
Swati (Khel Se Mel)
I am a 5th class dropout. I will study further and complete my education till B.A.
I have studied till 1st standard. I will study further. I will also do KsM.
I will not follow bad rituals, customs and religious activities which are based on blind faith and superstition. I will practice gender equity in my family and society.
I will put best of my efforts to make teachers available in Marmezpur village, Rohtas, where teachers do not come.
Munna (Rohtas)
I will work to create learning experiences/activities to help all of you to learn what would be useful to achieve your dreams
Agyat(Khel Se Mel)